Common Mistakes People Make While Developing Their Yards


Developing your yard is no easy task and the key elements to making your yard unique and beautiful are meticulous planning and execution. Without the services of a trained professional, your yard development project could be mired with issues which can leave you frustrated.

Unfortunately, some people consider developing their yards as a home improvement project which does not require serious effort or the expertise of a professional. This mode of thinking leads to sub-standard work, project delays, and inflated costs. Experts in yard development are cognizant of all the pitfalls that you could face as you take on a yard development project and they are your best line of defense.

To help you to avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Best Bet Lawn has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when developing their yards.

1. Underestimating the workload.

Often, many homeowners consider the amount of work to be completed as a development project which could be executed over a weekend. Unfortunately, this often proves to be a difficult endeavor. However, hiring the services of professional, experienced workers ensures that the various tasks are completed within a deadline. Moreover, you can have peace of mind that if obstructions occur, the professionals will be able to overcome the challenges because they not only have encountered them in the past but also have a system in place to overcome them.

2. Underestimating materials.

When it comes to getting ornamental rocks or new sod, there are always values associated with the number of products. These service areas are never a perfect geometric shape, therefore professionals use accurate measuring tools. To circumvent the problem of underestimating materials, service providers consider an additional five percent to be added to their measured numbers.

3. Visualizing your property in the many years to come but not taking an interest in understanding the challenges.  

Clients often ask questions about how a completed project will look five or ten years down the road and experienced professional definitely have the answers. This is especially true for professionals who have completed projects before the year 2000 and watched how the project has unfolded through the years. Professionals keep a watch on tree growth, stone color changes, water extrusions and intrusions among others. The list of nature’s challenges is endless, and it helps to know what is to be avoided.

As experts in developing yards, snow removal, and lawn and landscape maintenance in Calgary, AB, Best Bet Lawn helps you to avoid these common mistakes enabling you to maintain or develop your outdoor space as per your needs.

With over fifteen years of experience, we are a company trusted by contractors, business owners, and homeowners alike. We offer a wide range of yard development, snow removal, and lawn care services to clients. Pride in our work and being honest, reliable and fair are our guiding principles. From the initial planning to job completion, our company offers prompt communication and excellent customer service. We always strive to exceed the expectations of clients.

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