Regular Weekly Lawn Care

This includes cutting, trimming, bagging, and taking away clippings. You dream of a beautiful lawn with a brilliant spread of

Power Rake

This includes hauling away all the thatch and debris brought up by our machines. Power raking is recommended to remove

Plug Aeration

This allows greater air circulation and water absorption, perfect during season transitions. Plug aeration helps remove a core or plug

Fertilizer Application

Our fertilizer provider is a top-quality family-owned and operated business within the community that has been in the industry for

Spring or Fall Clean Up

This package is the best bang for your buck. Spring cleanup is a combination of three of the most widely

Sod Laying

We take the time to remove all debris including weeds, crabgrass and rocks then we heavy roll and rake to

Mulch / Woodchips

Discounts available for 2 or more yards of same product. Available in Black, Brown, Fir, Pine, Cedar, Coloured, etc. Wood


This includes irrigation, decks + fences, patios, and mulch + rock. When deciding to do construction on your lawn, it

Snow Removal

Removing snow with heavy equipment all on your own in frigid temperatures can be harmful to you and others. By