What Makes Best Bet Lawn Stand Out

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About Best Bet Lawn

We work in the outdoor maintenance and construction industry and are strictly a field service company. This means we do not have a storefront and our clients find us exclusively online or through word of mouth. We operate mainly in Calgary and surrounding areas but sometimes deviate a little. Cochrane and Airdrie are our desired locations for work as well.

We are always in a state of growth and continue acquiring clients. Our business continually changes with us as we are continuously adapting our work with new and upcoming technology. Through the internet, we try to make our online presence and name relevant. We also aim to keep pace with the different ways through which our customers want to find us.

The Best Bet Lawn Difference

We are a year-round service company and want our customers to know this when exploring our competition. We still have clients surprised to discover we offer services in summer and slightly varying assistance in winter.

Our primary strengths are reliability and consistency. We schedule our reoccurring contracts for the same day each week to form a routine that our clients and employees follow, setting us apart from our competition.

The team at Best Bet Lawn is highly skilled in each facet of landscaping. We have strength in our hands and precision in our tools. After observing other landscaping businesses, I know that we operate tools and machines better than most also operating with safety in mind, carrying First Aid tickets, WCB coverage, and Insurance.

At Best Bet Lawn, we make things simple for our customers. Buy more, save more. Much like a cell phone plan, the more services you use, the more you save. This also applies to the duration of the contract for our services.

I am really proud of clients who use our services and year-long plans. This shows us their trust to not only handle one job but all jobs relating to their outdoor needs. Most customers like working with us for three reasons.

1. Competitive pricing

2. Referrals from people who had a good experience

3. The added value we give to our customers where most others would charge extra.

Our most noteworthy achievement are contracts signed by our large home development companies and condo boards that hold residence to over 50,000 Calgarians. We’re also proud of our A+ BBB rating.

Our growth is our main concern. Not rushing but growing steadily at a healthy pace to keep employees as happy as customers, is our dream for the future. We do offer unofficial employee recognition programs too. As a small company, it is easy to see who stands out and who does not. It is common for us to give certificates to employees in the form of foods and beverages, movie passes, golf passes, etc.

To learn more about all that we do at  Best Bet Lawnplease click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

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